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Welcome to Storm Knights!

Storm Knights is a fan site for the Torg roleplaying game, featuring original rules and content written by Jasyn Jones.

Storm Knights is also a wholly redesigned campaign setting for Torg. Storm Knights is powered by a new action-movie RPG rules set (still in development) called the ∞ Infinity Gaming System.

You might also want to check out The House of Geekery, the development blog for the ∞ Infinity Gaming System.


The best articles can be found in our Showcase. There are many other articles (covering a wide array of topics), and new ones are added on a regular basis. Feel free to poke around—you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What’s New

  • New 2d10 Dice: Replace Torg's cumbersome “roll + chart” die method with a simple 2d10 die roll. Streamlined, simplified, elegant. Destined to become another Storm Knights classic.
  • New Magic Axiom: The Magic axiom, remastered. Featuring The Ages of Magic, the first magical metasystem ever.
  • Updated World Laws of Earth: Revised and rewritten, World Laws epic enough for the most powerful reality in the cosmverse.
  • New Storm Knights Showcase. The best of Storm Knights.
  • New Orrorsh, the Reality of Fear. The most dangerous reality of all.

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If you wish to join me in the lively Torg debates so essential to life in the modern world, you can subscribe to the famed and long-running Torg mailing list (recently relocated to Yahoo Groups).

Last Site Update: Oct. 27, 2010

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