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These are the building blocks of Torg cosms– revised, clarified, and expanded. With complete Axiom charts, the Action Cant, and the nature of cosms and dimensions defined and explained.

These files are also available to download in .pdf format.PDF

Worlds Without End: The mysteries of the cosmverse explained, including details on pocket dimensions, Possibility Nexuses, and more.

The Action Cant: Rules for rating a cosm’s action level, defined and codified.

Complete Axioms: When originally published, the Torg roleplaying game included partial charts for the four axioms- Magic, Social, Spirit, and Tech. These are complete version of all four axioms.

  • Magic: A remastered Magic axiom, now better than ever. This axiom is so complete, it requires its own section.
  • Social: This clarifies and expands the Social axiom, especially in the higher levels. Mindsculpting, memetic warfare, and other high Social concepts are explored and explained.
  • Spirit: A reordering and revision of the Spirit axiom to include divine beings, avatars, and other religious concepts.
  • Tech: Based in large part on Ks. Jim’s Tech axiom from the Revised and Expanded Torg Rulebook, this chart eliminates empty benchmarks, expands Stone Age technology, and revises and reimagines the upper reaches of the axiom.
Updated: Feb. 22, 2010