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What is Torg?

Torg is a groundbreaking multi-genre tabletop roleplaying game, designed to evoke the feel and events of Hollywood blockbuster action-adventure movies. It is set in a world like our own that has been invaded by other realities, each of which embodies a different literary or cinematic genre: horror, fantasy, pulp action, technohorror, etc.

The realities of the invaders have taken over portions of our Earth, driving back our reality and replacing it with their own. In the fantasy reality of Aysle, cars, computers, and airplanes do not work, instead magic spells and dragons are possible. In the two-fisted pulp reality of the Empire of the New Nile, weird science gadgets break the laws of physics and costumed heroes pummel thugs in back alleys. Each of these alien worlds is ruled by a black-hearted villain- a High Lord.

The player characters are larger-than-life cinematic heroes called Storm Knights (which term gave me the title of this website). Storm Knights are the defenders of reality, the inspiring heroes who stand between the Earth and the end of the world. Storm Knights, unlike ordinary people, carry their reality with them, and can make their tools work in the alien realities of the High Lords.