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Magic Axiom

The remastered Magic axiom includes cantrips, wishes, rituals, superstitions, hexes, curses, magical creatures and more, all of which are built around a revolutionary magical metasystem: The Ages of Magic.

(Note: The other articles are based on earlier versions of the revised Magic axiom, so much of the material is out-of-date. Revisions to those articles, to reflect the new Axiom chart, are forthcoming.)

These files are also available to download in .pdf format.PDF

New Magic Axiom: The Magic axiom, remastered. Featuring The Ages of Magic, the first magical metasystem ever.

Traditions: Schools of Magic: Magical Traditions, integrated into Torg (including Magic axiom entries).

Summoning Magics: Making summoning spells make sense.

Wish Magic: Wishes are powerful and flexible, but dangerous, and capable of creating nearly anything the mage can imagine, for a price.

Updated: Feb 6, 2010