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Rule Bites

Bite-sized rules, including rule suggestions, new vehicles, tools, spells, Group Powers, news articles of interest, etc.


Tougher Non-Combat Interaction Results (5/02/06): A simple way to make NCI’s more effective.

New & Revised Combat Options (5/02/06): Expanded Vital Blow and Vital Block, and Wild Attack, a new Combat Option.

Simplified Reconnection Chart (4/27/06): Quick and easy reconnection DN’s.

Defending the Helpless (4/27/06): A rule that allows Storm Knights to protect others from attacks.

Altertech (04/27/06): This system allows gamemasters to build cosms with variant Tech systems, like Steamtech, Mad Science, or the famous Stonetech of the Flintstones.

Stun Damage (11/27/05): This mechanic replaces the “Knockdown” result on the damage chart.

Shock Damage (11/20/05): Alternate rules for shock damage.

Trick Shot (11/20/05): New combat option.

Extended Success Chart (4/04/04): Levels of success and levels of failure. Used in other rules.

Reengineered Damage Chart (4/04/04): A revision of the reality-rated damage chart.


Zombies! (11/26/05): A review of 2004’s Dawn of the Dead remake, with Torg stats for the zombies and plot suggestions.

“The Rock” APC: Urban Combat Dominance (11/26/05): Vehicle stats and information for a new real-world APC.

Concrete Dreams (11/26/05): Game mechanics for a magical disease, inspired by the “Confidence and Paranoia” episode of Red Dwarf.

Bloodshadows (1/22/05): Axioms and World Laws for MasterBook’s Fantasy Noir setting.

Eye of the Storm (7/06/02): A new Group Power, it allows Storm Knights to protect themselves from a reality storm.

Nippon Tech Adventures (3/21/02): How to backstab, cheat, and lie to your players.

Updated: Jun. 11, 2011