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Posted: Apr. 27, 2006

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Altertech is a form of "theme technology" native to many cosms, that allows natives to violate the normal restrictions of their Tech axiom, as long as they do so in accordance with the theme of the alternate technology. All Altertech systems need to be either supported by another axiom (Magic or Spirit, usually Magic) or a World Law.

An obvious example is the Weird Science of the Nile. Another would be the Etheric Science or Steam Science of a Steampunk cosm. To venture further afield, "cyberpunk" tech and Akashan biotech might even be examples of Altertechs.

Example: An extreme Altertech is the Stonetech of the Flintstones. The Flinstones cosm is approximately Tech 7. Yet, due to their Stonetech, they can emulate many tools of Tech axioms up to 21, including pistols, vacuum cleaners, automobiles, jet aeroplanes, cranes, and so forth.

The "theme" of Stonetech is that everything must be made of "natural" materials (wood, stone, leather, rubber and so forth) and it must be powered by either domesticated animals or people. For example, people run to start their cars, use baby elephants as vacuum cleaners, and use their thumbs to fire their slingshot pistols. Despite this, the tools work as well as their higher Axiom counterparts. Stonetech is powered by a World Law.

Altertech provides gamemasters a framework around which they can implement variant technologies, like Weird Science and Tharkold’s Occultech. Adventurous gamemasters may even try and work up the original technological Occult, as described in the Torg Worldbook.

Updated: May 2, 2006
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