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Extended Success Chart

Posted: Apr. 4, 2004

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The success chart deals well with varying levels of success, however some gamemasters may also wish to measure varying levels of failure. This chart includes those options. This chart is used in the revised spell design rules, and my “wild magic” rules.

It should be noted that this chart is optional in most cases. Nearly all the time, the fact that a failure occurred is most important. How badly the character failed is usually not an issue.

RP Success Level
15 Spectacular
14 Spectacular
13 Spectacular
12 Spectacular
11 Superior
10 Superior
9 Superior
8 Superior
7 Superior
6 Good
5 Good
4 Good
3 Good
2 Average
1 Average
S Minimal Success
-1 Failing
-2 Failing
-3 Solid Failure
-4 Solid Failure
-5 Solid Failure
-6 Solid Failure
-7 Superior Failure
-8 Superior Failure
-9 Superior Failure
-10 Superior Failure
-11 Superior Failure
-12 Spectacular Failure
-13 Spectacular Failure
-14 Spectacular Failure
-15 Spectacular Failure

Failing: “Failing” is an optional rule that appears in the Torg Rulebook, pg. 41. It could be a clear failure, or an opportunity for the character to try again at a higher Difficulty Number.

Solid Failure: A “Solid Failure” is a normal failure, no additional mechanics apply.

Superior Failure: A “Superior Failure” is one that impedes future attempts at the same task. Perhaps the character has damaged a tool, or lost resources necessary for the attempt. They may need to rethink their approach and try to solve the problem with a different skill.

Spectacular Failure: A “Spectacular Failure” is so bad, that it has unintended side effects. Gamemasters can feel free to activate any appropriate Setbacks.

Updated: Dec. 6, 2005
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