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Eye of the Storm

Posted: July 6, 2002

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This is a new Group Power. Rules for learning and using Group Powers can be found beginning on pg. 107 of the Torg Rulebook and pg. 166 of the Revised and Expanded Torg Rulebook.

Eye of the Storm

Use Cost: 5
Coordination: 6
Difficulty: variable
Range: 10m diameter (10)
Duration: 1 hr (18)
Effect: Allows a group of Storm Knights to lessen the intensity of a reality storm

This group power gives its participants partial protection from a reality storm. When successfully invoked, this power creates a 10m diameter sphere, centered on the lead character, in which the fury of the storm is lessened, and perhaps totally abated.

The difficulty of invoking this power is the strength of the storm. If the players final reality total beats the difficulty, subtract the Result Points of the check from the strength of the storm to find its strength relative to those inside the area of effect.

This area of calm remains centered on the lead character, moving when he moves, for the duration of the power. The lead character can move in any manner (flying, walking, swimming, running, etc.) during the duration of the power, and not interrupt its operation. However, the power only lasts for one hour.

If the Storm Knights wish, the Range and Duration of the power can be increased, at a cost of increased difficulty. Add 3 points to the Difficulty for every 2 points the Range or Duration is increased by.

Note that the power works for anyone within its area of effect, not just the Storm Knights. Thus this power could be used to ferry ords across a storm front with increased safety.

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