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Simplified Reconnection Chart

Posted: April 27, 2006

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Tool above character's axiom(s)
Tool below character's axiom(s)
Character is in home cosm

I decided to simplify the reconnection rules: the Difficulty Number to reconnect is based on the type of zone the Storm Knight is in, with Pure Zones being the most difficult and Mixed Zones being the easiest.

The base DN is modified based on the tool the character was using when he disconnected. If the tool was above the character's axiom(s), the DN is increased by 5, if below the DN decreased by 3. Also, if the character is attempting to reconnect in his home cosm, the DN is reduced by 3.

(This replaces the "Bonus Modifier " listed on pg. 100 of the Torg Rulebook or pg. 157, the Revised and Expanded Torg Rulebook.)

The reason behind this rules change is three-fold:

The formula to produce them (presented in Infiniverse Update 1) is cumbersome, the size of the tables produced is problematic, and the in-game theory behind the formula is questionable.

The formula is: For character A in cosm B, take the largest Axiom A over B. This is the Base DN. Add +1 for each additional axiom A exceeds B by. Add in an additional fudge factor, and adjust for World Laws.

Though this has to be done only once for any single entry, assuming it is recorded in a table, it is long and cumbersome.

Additionally, the size of the table is a problem. The table increases by squares: each new reality adds both a column and a row of numbers. A 2 reality Torg would have a 4 entry table, a 3 reality Torg has 9 entries, a 4 reality table has 16 entries.

This was acceptable, when Torg had 7 realities and only 49 entries on the table. But we added the Land Below, and that increased to 64. After the Space Gods landed, the chart had 91 entries. Once Tharkold came around, 100. Avalon, 121. The Aztec Empire, 144. Atlantis, 169. If a gamemaster added in Pulse (196), or Gehenna (225), or Lereholm (256), then the chart just got too unwieldy to consider. And those are just the official realities. If they had their own home-brewed realities…

How many home brewed realities have been posted? 100? More? What's the virtue of a 10,000 entry chart?

According to statements by West End Games, Torg 2 would have had as many as 40 official realities, from which gamemasters may select among to design their own campaigns. This would give an official chart 1600 (sixteen hundred) entries.

Clearly, something needs to be done.

Metaphysics: If I'm an Ayslish human, using a Tech 8 mundane sword, and disconnect in the Living Land, why is my Magic axiom the base DN for my reconnection attempt? My Magic had nothing to to do with the contradiction or the reconnection, so why is my base DN an 18?

A Space Gods character, using that same sword, has a base DN of 23. Same tool, same reason for disconnection but different DN's. Why? At least the Space God's DN is because of their Tech axiom, not Magic or Social or Spiritual. That makes marginally more sense.

According to the Torg Rulebook, pg. 100 (R&E, pg. 156) characters disconnect from and reconnect to the Everlaw of Two, so why is an axiom that is entirely unrelated to the tool relevant at all?

Seriously, think about it. Since I disconnect from the Everlaw of Two, which is everywhere, and reconnect to the Everlaw of Two, why does which reality I am in even matter?

It shouldn't.

What should matter is the strength of the Everlaw of One, because the Everlaw of One is what disconnected the character and is, presumably, the obstacle needed to be overcome while reconnecting. The strength of the Everlaw of One is reflected in the type of zone the character is in: Pure, Dominant, Mixed. Hence the above rule, which is more practical than the original rule and matches the metaphysics of Torg better.

Updated: Feb. 28, 2010
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