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Trick Shot

Posted: Nov. 20, 2005

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A rule I’ve been playtesting:

Trick Shot: This is used when an attacker wants to achieve a special effect with a shot, rather than doing damage, such as blowing a gun out of another character’s hand, shooting a belt buckle loose, etc. This attack uses the attacker’s fire combat (or melee weapons, thrown weapons, unarmed combat, missile weapons, etc.) as a trick value (read on the Trick column of the Non-Combat Interaction chart). A Player’s Call means the exact effect the character was looking for happened. Lower results correspond as on the chart.

Note: If the trick shot is not particularly involved or difficult, the gamemaster can rule that it happened even if a Player’s Call wasn’t achieved. This is a rule from MasterBook, that I adopted as a house rule. I’d recommend it for all Non-Combat Interactions, not just trick shots.

Updated: Nov. 20, 2005
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