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“The Rock”: Urban Combat Dominance

Posted: Nov. 26, 2005

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In today’s uncertain world, Ama-Tsu-Mara is dedicated to bringing you the latest and best in rugged, tough, and economical combat vehicles.

The Granite Global Services Granite APC-1 (nicknamed “The Rock”) armored personnel carrier is the latest and best Urban Fighting Vehicle. Designed by Navy Seal Reservist Chris Berman, “The Rock” is built to offer unmatched speed, protection, and combat effectiveness.

No other vehicle is so specifically designed for urban warfare, tailored to meet and exceed the demands of the most rigorous urban environments. The modest price ($200,000) puts it in a class of its own.


Armored Excellence: Armored to a fare-thee-well, The Rock sports three layers of all-over (top, sides, front, back, and floorboards) advanced armor as well as ballistic glass windows. This armor configuration enables the Rock to shrug off AK-47 rounds and even IED explosions. The Rock’s “bolt-on” armor system means that adding additional layers of armor (such as the popular RPG screen) is quick and painless.

Gap-free coverage: Unlike our competitors, the windows are set in specially-designed frames that leave no gap for a “Golden Bullet” to penetrate the cab.

Room to ride: The Rock can seat up to 10 combat-kitted troops, ammo and all, in comfort and safety, without affecting the vehicle’s performance.

Speed to get in and get out: The Rock features rapid acceleration, a top speed of 95 MPH and a cruising speed of 80 MPH. Whether speeding to the rescue or redeploying from hostile territory, the Rock gets you there in minimal time.

Built for combat: The Rock sports two roof turrets with belt-fed machine guns and six armored windows with spring loaded gun-ports, arranged in all-round firing positions. There are no blind spots on this combat monster.

Tire damage is no problem: All tires are fitted with Run Flat Inserts, allowing full functionality when damaged by hostile fire. Punctured tires can be replaced quickly by one team member, allowing other crew members to remain in overwatch- an essential activity in an unsecured area.

Size matters: Unlike most competitors, our crew cab is built to allow the driver, front passenger, and front gunner to exchange positions quickly and easily.

Climate controlled: The Rock is fully air-conditioned and carries an onboard auxiliary generator, capable of powering the climate system for up to 8 hours.

Rapid Replacement: The ballistic glass is quickly and easily replaced by any end user- no expensive service stops or downtime!

Stock Chassis: The Rock is built on a standard Ford F-550 chassis, with an unmodified transmission and engine. Replacement parts can be purchased cheaply and easily, in any auto-parts store. In addition, any Ford dealership can service or replace these standard parts, lowering maintenance costs and widening the possible deployment zone. (Of course, worldwide top-of-the-line service can be had wherever Ama-Tsu-Mara vehicles are sold.)

Customized for your needs: Each Granite APC is custom-built on a Ford F-550 chassis, enabling us to build the vehicle to your exacting specifications. The build time on these high-powered urban vehicles is measured in mere weeks, not months.

Not convinced? Check out the photo gallery at the Granite Global Services website here.

Still not convinced? Navy Seals BlackNET magazine recently reviewed the Rock, giving it top marks for usability and innovative design.

Breaking News! In operations near Baghdad today (Nov. 25, 2005), the Rock was hit with an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and suffered no major damage and no injuries to passengers or crew!

Act now! These vehicles are made at a rate of 10 per month, meaning the supply is limited and the demand great. Your people deserve the best. Buy it for them.

Available for private or military purchase, the Granite APC-1 is manufactured by Granite Global Services and resold worldwide by Ama-Tsu-Mara Vehicles Division, a Kanawa Company.

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“The Rock”, Granite APC-1

Tech: 23
Speed (mpr/kmph/mph/value)
: 425/150/95/13
Passengers: 10
: 21, 25 w/ armor. The RPG screen adds +2 against RPG attacks, making the vehicle’s total Toughness 27 (only against RPG rounds).
Maneuver Rating: +1
Price (value): $200,000 (26)
Weight Value: 21
Length Value: 3
Concealment/Armor adds/Armor Max.:

  • Driver/Front Passenger (2): +7/Tou +10/24
  • Rear Passengers (6): +10/Tou +10/24
  • Roof Gunners(2): +5/Tou +10/24

Note: The descriptions of these stats can be found in Kanawa Land Vehicles.

Updated: Nov. 26, 2005
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