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Site Index

Home Page: Welcome to the Storm Knights site.

  • What is Torg? The answer to that burning question can be found within.

Showcase: The best of the Storm Knights site.

Workshop: Caution: Man at Work. New and unfinished.

Cosmology: Complete Axiom charts, the Action Cant, and Possibility Nexuses.

  • Worlds Without End: The secrets of Eternity.
  • Updated Action Cant: Action: It’s not just for the Nile any more!
  • Complete Axioms: Every benchmark, 0-30. More Axiomy goodness than you’ve ever dreamed existed.
    • Magic: Bippity-boppity-boo!
    • Social: Can’t we all just get along?
    • Spirit: Kum by yah, my Lord…
    • Tech: Basically, guns.

Magic Axiom: The complete Magic axiom was so large, it required its own section!

Realities: Original realities and rewrites of official realities.

Campaigns: Ideas and suggestions to aid gamemasters in running the realities of Torg.

Gameplay: Rules systems and modifications.

Rule Bites: Bite-sized rules, including rule suggestions, new vehicles, tools, spells, Group Powers, news articles of interest, etc.

Torg Magic: Articles on the original Torg magic system.

Site Index: This page! An introduction to the rest of the site.

Downloads: The central repository of files.

Credits: They who deserve to be punished for this mess.

Revision History: Cumulative history of site updates.

Copyright: Strictly for the lawyers.