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And Finally, Some Fine Print for the Lawyers

Important Copyright Information

All original material here is copyright © 2001-2011 by Jasyn Jones. All Rights Reserved.

The Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, Volume II and the Consilium Magica are copyright © 1995 by Del Webb. All rights reserved.

Torg and MasterBook are ®, TM, & © 2007 Purgatory Publishing Inc. (owner of West End Games)

Angar Uthorion, Aysle, Baruk Kaah, Core Earth, Cosm, Cosmverse, Cyberpapacy, Darkness Device, Dr. Mobius, Gaunt Man, Gospog, Heart of the Coyote, High Lord, Infiniverse, Kanawa, Living Land, Maelstrom, Maelstrom Bridge, Nile Empire, Nippon Tech, Orrorsh, Occultech, Pella Ardinay, Possibility Raiders, Possibility Storm, Possibility Wars, Ravagon, Stormers, Storm Knights, Tharkold, Torg and the Torg Logo are trademarks of Purgatory Publishing.

Disclaimer: This is a fan site for the Torg RPG, presenting new material for use with Torg. This is not a commercial site. Any resemblance to any commercial site, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

I have made an effort to not include any substantial portions of Torg material published by West End Games. Any material appearing on this site is quoted only for illustrative or review purposes.

All material on this site has been produced in accord with the “fair use” of copyrighted material and the mention or quoting of such copyrighted material here should not be construed (though you never can tell what lawyers will do) as a challenge to those copyrights.

If any material here violates copyrights currently held by any entity (living, dead, corporate or dwelling beyond the bounds of reality as we know it), please send email to And may a Greater Cthulhu be your bedmate in the eternities.

In other words: I’m just a small fan guy writing stuff for your big, neat game. I don’t think you can sue me, because I’ve tried real hard not to put up any of your stuff that you sell, but even if you can, please don’t.

The rules on this website are based (in whole or in part) on concepts and rules appearing in:

Torg Boxed Set
Original Mythos and Game Design: Greg Gorden
Mythos/System Development: Douglas Kaufman, Bill Slavicek
Additional Mythos/System Work: Christopher Kubasik, Ray Winninger, Paul Murphy

The Revised and Expanded Torg Rulebook, v. 1.5
Rule Book Design: Jim Ogle
Editing: Gareth Michael Skarka and Steven Marsh

“Mac” and the “Happy Mac” logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

GURPS is probably a copyright of Steve Jackson Games, Inc. (and I doubt they’d sue in connection with its mention here.)