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Jasyn Jones: Concept, Design, and Graphics

Sean Eaton: Graphic Assistance and Comments

Aaron Pike, Cody Sims: Assistance and Comments

Nathan Buchanan: Scanning and color correction on the new Torg logo

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Greg Gorden and the Torg Design Team: creators of the best RPG ever.

Eric Gibson, owner of Purgatory Publishing: Torg’s Publisher.

Del Webb: compiler of the original Consilium Magica and writer of Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, Volume II.

Ks. Jim Ogle: Torg Guru, the author of the Revised and Expanded Torg Rulebook.

Garrett Taylor: who created the original “cloud” tile, the eternium tile, and the blank Torg logo.

Smooge: for putting the mailing list archives online.

OGP: for the best-ever issue of Infiniverse.

Everybody on the Torg List: for in-depth discussions of every Torg rules hole, physics mistake, and continuity glitch.

Thanks for the Memories

The Ronin’s Daishi: Dean Wagner, Cameron Warner, Nick Patterson, Anthony Patterson

Glory’s Warriors: Ron Lundeen, Robert Lundeen, Dean Wagner, Jake Linford, Del Webb, Anthony Patterson, Curtis Spendlove, Jase Hopkin, John Moeller

The Lost Worlds Campaign: Amber Thom, Scott Smith, John McGlynn, Bryan Bradbury, Thomas Stevens

About the Author

Jasyn Jones has been running Torg since 1992, and is a random contributor to the Torg mailing list and the West End Games Fan Site Torg forum.

The Storm Knights site is his first venture into web design.