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Sep. 25, 2013

  • Fixed a date on this page.

Apr. 18, 2013

  • Fixed a single character typo.
  • And another couple on a different page.

Apr. 10, 2013

  • Uploaded the Europe Stelae Map for Storm Knights to the Workshop.
  • Minor corrections, same page.
  • Additional corrections, same page (after Dreamweaver chomped some code).
  • Changed the name of Infinity to ∞ Infinity Gaming System.

Feb. 14, 2013

  • Changed the name of Destiny to Infinity.
  • Updated Copyright date on Main Page.

Oct. 20, 2012

Jul. 28, 2012

  • Uploaded to “”. Thanks to Robert Stehwien for offering to host the site.

Feb. 19, 2012

  • Updated The List link on the Index page to reflect the Yahoo Group, new home to The
  • List.
  • Fixed many small errors in “Revision History”.

Jan. 5, 2012

  • Revised 2d10 Dice to include the former “hot” and “cold” terminology.
  • Minor corrections to Magic Axiom.
  • Fixed the Magic Axiom PDF source file.

Jun. 29, 2011

  • Uploaded an Eternity Shard database.
  • Minor correction on “Workshop.”

Jun. 23, 2011

  • Implemented another CSS method, to center the content of the site (to make it more presentable on widescreen browsers).
  • Implemented a “frame” (not in the html sense, but in the picture sense) to make the whitespace around the centered content less visually offensive.
  • Implemented a CSS hack, so the site content would stay centered without shifting left and right.
  • Pruned the Home Page.
  • Fixed “updated” date on “Downloads” and “Workshop”.
  • Added the header pic to all the pages in “Rule Bites”.
  • Various corrections to “Revision History”.
  • Added missing dates to “Workshop”.
  • Proofreading on the Zombies! Rule Bite, and a title change.
  • Added page cites for the R&E and original Torg Rulebook to the Eye of the Storm Rule Bite.
  • Minor proofreading on the Nippon Tech Rule Bite.
  • Some minor changes and troubleshooting.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Began recreating a master Template for the site, which necessitates remaking every other Template, and each page in the site. Bother.

Jun. 22, 2011

  • After a lot of trouble, discovered a method to control the width of the site (so it doesn't become infinitely wide on widescreen monitors). Unfortunately, it uses CSS3, which I'm guessing means it will break badly in any number of older browsers.
  • Implemented the CSS3 method (in the site's Templates), set width to 800px.
  • Discovered, much to my surprise, that the site's Templates are in good order and functioning. It was a shock.
  • Renamed site Templates for “Realities” and “Cosmology”.
  • Collapsed the two “Workshop” pages into one page.
  • Corrected some small errors on the “Workshop” page.
  • Troubleshot a connection error with Dreamweaver that cause the entire site to be placed in the wrong remote directory.
  • Troubleshot the above.

Jun. 17, 2011

  • In anticipation of the upcoming death of MobileMe, the site's hoster, moved the site to a new domain:
  • After the move, reviewed all pages and corrected a large number of errors.
  • Updated the “Credits” page.
  • Removed The Godnet and the Grid and GodNet 2.0 from the workshop. Further development has obviated these.
  • Troubleshot the above.

Jun. 11, 2011

  • Combined the “Rules Blog” and “Torg Blog” into a new section: “Rule Bites”.
  • Troubleshot the above.

Apr. 26, 2011

  • Further proofreading on Horrors of the Big Easy.

Apr. 25, 2011

  • Minor change to Gospogs.
  • Proofreading on Horrors of the Big Easy.

Dec. 31, 2010

  • Minor change to Orrorsh.

Dec. 21, 2010

  • Renamed “Cosmverse” to “Realities”.
  • Renamed “Reality” to “Cosmology”.
  • Replumbing and revising to support the above changes. (Thank God for BBEdit.)
  • Fixed an error on the “Downloads” page, related to a planned, but never finished, article.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Pruned unused images.
  • Minor correction to Dharkuul.
  • Minor corrections to “Revision History”.

Nov. 29, 2010

  • Minor correction to Tir Nan Og.

Nov. 23, 2010

  • Uploaded Tharkold and Living Land Stelae Maps to the Workshop.
  • Minor correction to the Tharkold Map.

Nov. 20, 2010

  • Minor corrections to Social Axiom.
  • Minor rewording on Wish Magic.
  • Uploaded a “We've Moved” page to the old site, so people know that we have, in fact, moved.
  • Uploaded PDF versions of the Workshop articles.
  • Uploaded my Tech Development Document to the Workshop.

Nov. 14, 2010

  • Minor correction to 2d10 Dice.

Nov. 13, 2010

  • Added a full article for 2d10 Dice, the first article to graduate from the Workshop.
  • Minor correction to Pixaud’s 2.
  • Minor correction to “Revision History”.

Oct. 27, 2010

  • Uploaded 2d10 Dice to the Workshop.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Began prep work for a full 2d10 Dice article.

Oct. 9, 2010

  • Fixed a bad link in the Workshop.
  • Fixed two minor wording errors in the Workshop.
  • Fixed the date on the last “Revision History” entry.
  • Fixed minor error in previous “Revision History” entry.

Oct. 8, 2010

  • Minor change to the terminology in Worlds Without End.
  • Uploaded updates to the Workshop (which should have been uploaded in June).

Mar. 22, 2010

  • Corrected minor error on Stun Damage in the rules blog.

Mar. 16, 2010

  • Added an introduction to Theoretical Magic Terminology, and added a few principles and clarified some others.

Mar. 15, 2010

  • Added Divination Magic: What is Information? to the Workshop.

Mar. 13, 2010

  • Added The Principles of Magic to the Workshop.
  • Added definitions to and corrected errors in Theoretical Magic Terminology.
  • Added a second page to the Workshop.

Mar. 12, 2010

  • Added Theoretical Magic Terminology to the Workshop.

Mar. 8, 2010

  • Corrected minor errors on Workshop page. Again.
  • Reworded some boiler-plate phrasing in the Workshop downloads and on the page.

Mar. 7, 2010

  • Corrected minor errors on Workshop page.

Mar. 6, 2010

  • Added the Workshop section, where unfinished and in-progress articles can be found. Took a lot of plumbing to work correctly.
  • Added Fringe Realities, Arcane Knowledges, The Grid and The Godnet, GodNet 2.0, and The World That Was to the Workshop.
  • Minor fixes on the GodNet 2.0 article.
  • Troubleshot the above.

Feb. 27, 2010

  • Corrected minor error on Magic Axiom HTML.

Feb. 24, 2010

  • Revised the “Reconnection” Rules Blog entry
  • Added revision dates to the blog entries.
  • Revised some “Revision History” entries.
  • Corrected minor error on Tech Axiom.

Feb. 20, 2010

  • Added some new information on Tz’Ravok, rewriting the Conversions note, to Magic Axiom.
  • Re-fixed the typographer’s quotes in “Revision History”.

Feb. 19, 2010

  • Corrected Alt tag on some images.
  • Corrected punctuation on some “Revision History” entries.
  • Prepped the site for the upcoming Cosm Design article. (Shhh! It’s a secret!)
  • Corrected typographer’s quote on the last few “Revision History” entries.

Feb. 18, 2010

  • Revised World Laws of Earth.
  • Corrected minor error in Wish Magic.
  • Corrected minor error on Campaigns page.
  • Corrected minor error on Site Index.

Feb. 17, 2010

  • Updated PDF’s with new site URL.
  • Updated Copyright information in all PDF’s.
  • Removed Creative Commons License.
  • The above three took untold hours of work, including fixing two PDF source files that broke when I opened them with Pages ’08.
  • Updated and corrected Torg Spell Compendium.
  • Corrected Winston-in-a-Box’s name on various pages and PDF’s.

Feb. 12, 2010

  • Added Fables comic series to Magic Axiom.
  • Minor revision to Magic Axiom.
  • Corrected error in Coordination.
  • Implemented typographer’s quotes across site (using John Gruber’s SmartyPants).
  • Troubleshot the above.

Feb. 8, 2010

  • Added Orson Scott Card to Magic Axiom.

Feb. 7, 2010

  • Altered date format for “last updated.” Revised all dates to the new format.
  • Revised last revision entry.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Back after a 3 year hiatus!
  • Added the Magic Axiom article (HTML and PDF). It’s the new hotness.
  • Rewrote the intro to the “Magic” section.
  • Corrected metadata in all the PDF’s.
  • Fixed spacing on “Downloads” page.
  • Minor fixes and rewrites, here and there.
  • Replaced “Made on a Mac” graphic. Added it to the Index page.
  • Uploaded new site to MobileMe. Speedy servers, easy revisions, integrated with my OS.
  • Updated email address to “”


  • Changed links on the Home Page slightly.


  • Corrected minor error in the Pixaud’s Critique.


  • Corrected minor error in the Skill-Based Combat HTML.


  • Minor proofreading on Skill-Based Combat.


  • Corrected dates on “Revision History” page.


  • Proofreading on Patterns in Aysle.
  • Fixed modification date on Skill-Based Combat.
  • Corrected Credits on Spirit Axiom article.
  • Fixed errors in the Complete Axiom articles conversion tables.
  • Fixed a minor error in Tech Axiom article.
  • Fixed an error in the Orrorsh PDF source file.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading changes.


  • Proofreading on Patterns in Aysle.
  • Fixed some Updated/New Banners.
  • Fixed modification dates on several pages.
  • Fixed link to the WEG forums.
  • Minor proofing on Orrorsh.


  • Fixed some missing page titles.
  • Fixed a problem with the Patterns PDF.
  • Updated Skill-Based Combat.
  • Updated Skill-Based Combat PDF, to fix some layout errors. Tracked changes back into online article.
  • Revised site structure, to simplify URL’s.
  • Revised terms of the Creative Commons licenses.
  • Revised PDF covers.
  • Added an advertisement to the PDF’s, plugging the site.
  • Added Patterns in Aysle, an article discussing the Patterns and their effects on Ayslish culture, religion, history, and magic.
  • Troubleshot same.
  • Storm Knights material (excluding Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, Volume II and the Consilium Magica) is now officially licensed by West End Games.
  • Added a Showcase section, to highlight the best articles on the site.
  • Implemented new navigation system, to highlight the section each page is in. This should make the site more navigable. Implementing this required replumbing all site templates, complicating future changes greatly (but there was no other option).
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading changes.


  • Fixed a title error on the Social Axiom page.


  • Minor corrections on the Pixaud’s Critique.
  • Corrected Gospog article link on the Campaigns page.


  • Released all original material under the Creative Commons license (see the Copyright page for more information). This specifically excludes Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, Volume II and the Consilium Magica.
  • Updated Copyright notices to 2007.
  • Updated Copyright and Home pages with Creative Commons information.
  • Updated PDF’s with the above changes.
  • Moved Bloodshadows to the Torg Blog.
  • Rewrote parts of Bloodshadows for clarity and style.
  • Converted PDF’s to new templates, in order to fix a bizarre error somehow caused by Microsoft (specifically TimesNewRomanMS, which none of the templates use).
  • Created a consistent creature template, applied it to all creature stats.
  • Removed several extraneous images.
  • Re-removed smart quotes sitewide.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.


  • Minor proofing to the Orrorsh article.


  • Minor update to the Home Page.


  • Clarification and proofing on Wish Magic.


  • The usual array of minor proofreading changes.


  • Cleaned up some minor errors on Wish Magic.


  • Removed an unknown link from the Links page.
  • Created a Consilium Magica html page, edited Consilium Magica.
  • Punched up some of the article blurbs.
  • Very minor update to Bloodshadows.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.


  • Changed the name of the Cosmverse section to Reality, changed the name of the Realities section to Cosmverse. Updated button bar, new headers, internal links, URL’s in articles.
  • Added a link to suscribe to the Torg list to the Home Page.
  • Cleaned up some very munged html on the Credits page.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.


  • Added a new sidebar to the Traditions article on variant arcane knowledge schemes.
  • Added a new sidebar to Skill-Based Combat, on the super skill Pulp Power.
  • Added a section to the Streamlined Coordination rules on summing mass efforts.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.


  • Added an article about universal Orrorsh.
  • Added an article on gospogs.
  • Proofread and expanded the Action Cant article.
  • Added an article on the Lousiana Orrorshan realm.
  • Minor proofreading to Worlds Without End.
  • Replaced the navbar buttons.
  • Implemented new covers for the PDFs.
  • Introduced upgraded logos/headers.
  • Troubleshot the above.


  • Deleted the Way of the Race. It’s time had come.


  • Corrected Garrett Taylor’s name in the Credits and in the PDF’s.
  • Ripped out navbar CSS, due to unfixable errors. Reverted Navbar back to last functional build- the Javascript version.


  • Minor proofing to Wish Magic.
  • Minor proofing to Skill-Based Combat.
  • Removed graphics from a few articles, redid layout and PDF’s.
  • Rewrote navbar in CSS to implement one feature- a highlight indicator that shows where the person currently is. This allowed me to use one graphic for all navbar buttons, instead of two graphics for each button. Each navbar button is now text on a graphic background, with the text effects being controlled via CSS.
  • Changed to using an external stylesheet, in order to implement the navbar.
  • Updated all pages to work with the new navbar.
  • Updated the section pages, to make the New and Updated graphics more prominent.
  • Added Downloads page back to the Site Index.
  • Troubleshot the above.


  • Minor proofreading on Creating Immersion.
  • Minor editing on Worlds Without End.
  • EOL’d versioning and the storyline. One was getting silly, the other burdensome.

9.3 (5/20/06)

  • Added a new article, Encouraging Immersion, to the Gameplay section.
  • Updated Wish Magic.
  • Updated Wrath of Life.
  • Fixed all dates sitewide.
  • Added a new cover to the B&W PDF, to make it a little more appealing, added a “back cover” to the PDF’s, changed the interior of all PDF templates.
  • Converted all remaining PDF’s to the new templates. Proofed all, synchronized the text between the PDF source and the HTML, updated HTML style to match PDF style, minor rewrites to most.
  • Fixed image credits on Worlds Without End PDF. Reprinted.
  • Discovered an error that had crept into the PDF template, and so affected all the new PDFs. Fixed the templates and reprinted all PDF’s.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • The Secret Government Agency® called, investigating the disappearance of the Fringe Nut Group®. Played dumb. Hung up. Maybe I do need a lawyer.

9.2 (5/2/06)

  • Proofreading on the “Altertech” blog entry.
  • Clarification on the “Defending the Helpless” blog entry.
  • Proofed, reorganized, and clarified the “Reconnection DN” blog entry.
  • Added two posts to the Rules Blog: “Tougher Non-Combat Interaction Results” and “New and Revised Combat Options.”
  • Updated the Axioms (Spirit, Social, Tech), Bloodshadows, and the Action Cant to the new PDF format. While doing so, also updated the HTML to match its style. Also synchronized the text between the two versions, as some errors had inadvertently crept in. Took the opportunity to do some moderate rewording and proofreading.
  • Fixed the dates on this page.
  • Called Evil Alternate Steve, told him about the Fringe Nut Group®. An hour later, they had all disappeared, leaving behind nothing but picket signs and empty Raisenet™ boxes. Guess I didn’t need a better lawyer.

9.1 (04/28/06)

  • Fixed some details on the 9.0 list of changes.
  • Fixed the Site Index.
  • Fixed a weird linking/italics error on the home page.
  • Fixed some bad characters in Worlds Without End.
  • Adjusted the alignment on the navbar button text.
  • Adjusted all of the new header graphics.
  • Update to the navbar graphics, to make the navbar less crowded. Tightened up top and bottom empty space.
  • Removed extraneous image files.
  • The Fringe Nut Group® began picketing my house. I still need a better lawyer.

9.0 (4/27/06)

  • Major site reorganization, including page renaming, shuffling content about, revising the navbar, and other changes.
  • Renamed introduction to Home Page.
  • Replaced the old PDF graphic with a better version.
  • Built a new logo, for the full-color PDF’s and extended it’s use to all PDF’s and am now using it for the site logos and nav bar.
  • Implemented a favicon, that matches with the new logo.
  • Implemented CSS that allows all links to be non-underlined, but colored, and have the underlines appear on rollover. Just another small touch that makes the site a little nicer.
  • Updates and reorganization of content on Tech, Social, and Spirit to make the axiom more accessible. Updated PDF’s with same.
  • Created new PDFs for Coordination and Villain Approved Actions, using the new B&W color format.
  • Rewrote, extended, and renamed the GJN fix article. Created a new PDF for it. It doesn’t have a full-color cover, but it is quite nice.
  • Added a new Section, “Gameplay”, for longer rules articles. Moved the GJN fix to the section. Added two new articles, Villain Approved Actions and Streamlined Coordination rules, to that section.
  • The Dimensions article was thoroughly revised, retitled, and our new full-color PDF format debuted.
  • Minor update to Tir Nan Og, and a conversion to the new full-color PDF format.
  • Minor update to the Pixaud’s Critique, and a changeover to the new B&W format.
  • Updated all PDF’s with new Copyright blurb and eliminated the Pages-induced links.
  • Two new blog entries, long delayed.
  • Removed the Storm Lords article. Its time has come.
  • Removed History of Torg.
  • Shortened What is Torg.
  • Added navbar tooltips.
  • The article blurbs on various sections were punched up.
  • Reworded the Introduction.
  • Split the Torg Blog into a Rules Blog and a Torg Blog.
  • Moved Nippon Tech to the Torg Blog.
  • Added the “Altertech” blog entry to the Torg Blog.
  • Updated the Heretic FAQ link.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Caught a Fringe Group Nut® sneaking around, taking pictures, and stealing trash. Kicked him off the property.

8.3 (1/20/06)

  • Learned a new HTML technique that allowed me to implement floating, flowing tables better than I have been able to in the past. Revised the Nature of Existence and Wish Magic articles to use the new tables.
  • Created a code snippet, to standardize the tables in the future.
  • Changed the indent on the -1 size text in text boxes.
  • Additonal minor editing to the Nature of Existence article and PDF.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • A Fringe Nut Group® called, asking about the Alternate Universe.

8.2 (1/17/06)

  • Minor addition to the Nature of Existence article.
  • Minor proofreading changes.
  • Updated the Tir Nan Og Tech axiom description to more closely match my vision for the reality. Expanded the Sources and Inspiration section. Misc. proofing errors also corrected.
  • Added a note to the Introduction page.
  • Emergency edit of Wish Magic article, to include a chart that was inadvertently omitted.
  • Had a dream about the Pauly Shore movies. Woke up screaming.

8.1 (1/15/06)

  • Renamed files, for better tracking.
  • Minor revisions to the Traditions article.
  • Corrected minor errors.
  • Added new/updated graphics to the Downloads page.
  • Added updated graphic to the Consilium Magica.
  • Fixed spacing error on the update dates at the bottom of pages.
  • Hastur called. Said Bill was fuming. Asked if I could help. I declined.

8.0.2 (1/14/06)

  • Added new graphic to articles listed as new on the front page.
  • Minor proofreading.
  • Added Dark Aysle to new articles listed on front page.
  • Called Bill, taunting him about my use of Pages. He blew up and slammed down the phone. I have my revenge.

8.0.1 (1/13/06)

  • But what have you done for me lately?
  • Unified table appearence with new style.
  • Slight modification on the “notes” of the HTML axioms, to increase readability.
  • Called Steve, begging for help with Bill. Sold me iWork ‘06. We’ll see.

8.0 (1/13/06)

  • The largest content update ever.
  • Extensive behind-the-scenes work that should be fairly transparent to the readers. This should help simplify maintenance and make it easier to add pages in the future.
  • An extensive list of undocumented edits. Every single article on the site has been gone over and updated, usually to fix grammatical errors and the like, rather than a wholesale rewriting. Which isn’t to say that a lot of rewriting didn’t happen anyway.
  • Rewrote Wish Magic and…damn! The PDF will blow you away.
  • Added Pages info to Credits. Revised the page, moving the About the Author information there, moving the “Made Mac” logo up, clarified a few entries.
  • Deleted a number of unused graphic files.
  • Removed the Advanced Magic section, replacing it with a Magic Axiom section. Moved articles from the old section to the new. Updated templates, revised links, revised the site map and downloads, created new images and so forth.
  • Built a nested template for sections. Converted current pages over to the new template.
  • Revised, rewrote, clarified, expanded and renamed the Cosmverse, Cosms, and Dimensions article.
  • Removed the Consilium .html, leaving the PDF. Two good reasons: too much work to fix the html and no one needs it anyway. The PDF is just as handy.
  • Rewrote the Traditions article, to simplify mechanics and include my work on magical symbology.
  • Rewrote the Tir Nan Og article.
  • Moved the Core Earth World Laws 1 and 2 to the Torg Blog.
  • Moved the Dark Aysle article to Campaigns. Created PDF.
  • Removed the Torg Rules section, moved articles to the Torg Blog.
  • Fixed links on the Links page and the Credits page.
  • Added the “updated!” graphic to different sections, to show which articles were updated. Would have added the “new!” but nothing is actually new. For the future, I guess.
  • Added a date updated field in the articles, to show revision dates. With templates, it was a snap. All hail Dreamweaver!
  • Rebuilt the PDF source stationery to avoid a bizarre (no proofing) error in MS Word. While so doing, took the occasion to revise some of the boilerplate.
  • After hours of struggle and several crashes, I abandoned MSWord for Apple’s Pages. This enabled me to add a couple of very nice features to the PDF’s (such as clickable links), add some minor graphics and in general avoid the annoyances of MSWord. Conversion from Word was fast and easy, thanks to Pages built-in .doc importer.
    Instead of a stationery, Pages works with templates. Creating and updating a template for the PDF’s is quick and easy. Unlike Dreamweaver, old documents don’t inherit changes, but nothing’s perfect.
  • Converted all PDF’s to the new format. Again.
  • Built a nested template for articles. Converted current pages over to the new template.
  • Built a nested template for the blog entries. Converted current entries over to the new template.
  • Added indentation (via Dreamweaver templates and CSS). Great idea, but also required a load of editing to implement well.
  • Finished the site review, including spellchecking, proofreading, link validation, and general doublechecking of all content and code.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Called Bill, asking for help with MS Word. He laughed, then suggested I should RTFM. Bill has his revenge.

7.0.4 (12/5/05)

  • Added spells from Central Valley Gate to the Spell Compendium.
  • Fixed the whitespace around the navbar.
  • Rebuilt navbar tables, simplifying the table layout greatly.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Contacted Hastur and gave him Evil Steve’s address.

7.0.3 (11/27/05)

  • Updated the Torg Blog with several entries.
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Spent the day recovering from the cruel abuse I suffered. I shall have my revenge.

7.0.2 (11/26/05)

  • Updated the Torg Blog with several entries.
  • Revised a Torg Blog entry.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • After weeks of unconscionable deprivation and torture, evil alternate Steve and evil alternate Bill brought me home.

7.0.1 (11/21/05)

  • Changed the Torg Blog, to improve usability.
  • Another backend revision.
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Evil alternate Steve tortured me with Pauly Shore movies. I shall have my revenge.

7.0 (11/20/05)

  • Added the Torg Blog.
  • Uploaded a new article (HTML and PDF), “Wrath of Life.”
  • Revised the Murgee’s energy drain description to the Pixaud’s critique. Added the spell to the PDF.
  • Thorough revision of the site’s backend, to fix some long-standing problems.
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Evil alternate Bill took me to a Dixie Chicks concert. I shall have my revenge.

6.6 (11/16/05)

  • A thorough rewriting and revision of the “Tharkold WL” article.
  • Fixed a link to the “Earth World Laws” pdf.
  • Proofread the following articles:
    • Action Cant
    • Tir Nan Og
    • Storm Lords
    • Bloodshadows
    • Eye of the Storm
  • Proofreading and additions to the “Pixaud’s Critique” article.
  • Wording changes to the “Introduction.”
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • An unbelievable amount of changes, updates, and fixes that are totally invisible to users.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Still screaming.

6.5 (11/15/05)

  • Added a new section, “Cosmverse” for articles about the Storm Knights realities.
  • Uploaded my new Earth World Laws.
  • Uploaded PDF for same.
  • Added links to site map and downloads.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • I awoke in an alien universe of soul-numbing evil, where the Dixie Chicks are superstars, “The Rock” an Oscar winner, and Velvet Elvis a national treasure. I just can’t stop screaming.

6.4.1 (8/21/05)

  • Added a “What is Torg?” article.
  • Updated the “Credits.”
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Steve and Bill knocked me unconscious and sent me to an evil alternate Earth. I knew something was wrong.

6.4 (8/19/05)

  • Added a new article to the “Storm Knights” chapter: Dharkuul, the Xenohorror reality.
  • Uploaded PDF for same.
  • Added links to site map and downloads.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Steve showed up, dressed in a suit and tie, with a goatee, and eating a hamburger. Something is definitely wrong here.

6.3.5 (8/18/05)

  • Renamed “What is Torg?” to “History of Torg.”
  • Modified the navbar, in the interest of aesthetics.
  • Added new/modified title pics to most chapters.
  • Fixed alt tags on chapter pics.
  • Changed the “What’s New” Section, to make it clearer.
  • Added new content teasers. Tease! Tease!
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Bill showed up, looking strangely different. He has a good haircut, contacts, and a goatee. Something’s wrong, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

6.3 (7/25/05)

  • Updated the “What is Torg?” page with new information, proofreading, reorganization, etc.
  • Updated Copyrights for 2005.
  • Updated the “Copyright” page, proofread, etc.
  • Added new graphics to the navbar, so it should be a little more showier.
  • Revised several entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Added some new links to, um, “Links”.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Bill and Steve moved out, because I refused to let them play Halo. I hope they’re very happy together.

6.2.2 (6/9/05)

  • Updated Ks. Jim’s link in the “Links” section.
  • Thanks to late night talks with Bill, Steve’s putting Intel chips in the Mac. I never should have put those two together.

6.2.1 (3/3/05)

  • Minor proofreading changes to the “Index” and “Missing in Action”.
  • Bill called. Seems that Hastur, Nyarlthotep, the Polite Gentlemen in Black, and the elite ninja squad had a showdown at Bill’s house, reducing it to rubble. Asked if he could move in for a while. Bribed me with a copy of Halo 2. I’m putting him in Steve’s bedroom.

6.2 (3/1/05)

  • Placed the site on maintenance mode, pending the completion of my Magic system rewrite.
  • Removed the “Extended Magic Axiom” pending the completion of the Magic system.
  • Proofreading on the “Pixaud’s Critique” article.
  • Updated the “Extended Spirit Axiom” article. (Thanks to Dave Haynes for his comments.)
  • Minor proofreading on the “Copyright” page.
  • Minor proofreading on the “Bloodshadows” article.
  • Fixed the link to the PDF in the “Extended Tech Axiom” page. (Thanks to Roy Bryant for the catch.)
  • Removed the explanation of the dates on this page. They seem kind of self-explanatory, you know?
  • Introduced a new “Made with Mac” gif.
  • Fixed the spelling of “Del Webb” on the “Credits” page.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Just bought an Xbox. Steve freaked, then smacked me, hard. Word of advice—never agree to live with a megalomaniacal mercurial corporate CEO. Trust me.

6.1 (1/22/05)

  • Uploaded a new article (HTML and PDF), converting Bloodshadows to Torg.
  • Updated the “Extended Social Axiom” and “Extended Spirit Axiom” articles.
  • Minor proofreading changes to the “Action Cant” article.
  • Added credits for MasterBook, Bloodshadows, and the MasterBook Companion to the “Copyright” page.
  • Debuted a new look for the home page, including dividing updates into unordered lists, and graphics to indicate “New” and “Updated” content.
  • Converted the “Revision History” page to the same unordered list format.
  • Fixed tables in “Extended Success Chart” and “Reeingineered Damage Chart.”
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • An elite ninja squad showed up, asking after Steve. Gave them Bill’s address.

6.0 (1/12/05)

  • Converted site to Dreamweaver templates—no more frames! This necessitated creating all new pages for the entire site, and a thorough vetting of internal links. Quite literally, the entire site is brand new (the content is the same, of course).
  • Uploaded PDF and HTML of my “Extended Tech Axiom.”
  • Removed the “Site Map” section, rolled the links into the “Site Index.” Added a bunch of explanatory text to the “Site Index.”
  • Updated the “What is Torg?” file with information on Torg 2.0 and the R&E Rulebook.
  • Updated links to David Oakes’ page and Smooge’s new “Just in Time Adventures” site.
  • Removed the demi-official declaration.
  • Vetted all internal and external links.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • My new roommate just moved in. “Call me Jobs, Steve Jobs.”

5.1 (6/1/04)

  • Fixed an egregious “search-and-replace” error.
  • Added a link to WEG’s roleplaying forums.
  • Replaced the spurious “Pixaud’s” pdf with the actual “Pixaud’s” pdf. (Thanks to Bobby Garofalo for the catch.)
  • Updated “Home” page with new bio information.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Some Polite Gentlemen in Black showed up, asking after Hastur. I gave them Bill’s address.

5.0 (4/4/04)

  • Uploaded the PDF and HTML of my “Extended Magic Axiom.”
  • Scanned a new Torg logo.
  • Added a demi-official declaration.
  • Added a “Torg Rants” section.
  • Removed section, to debut later.
  • Added a “Campaigns” section.
  • Removed the “Torg Classics” section.
  • Added a “Torg Rules” section.
  • Added a “Site Index” section.
  • Uploaded an “Extended Success Chart” and a “Reengineered Damage Chart”, HTML and PDF, to the “Torg Rules” section.
  • Fixed the “Body” attribute on all pages, so that the link color, background color, text color, and visited link color would all be consistent from page to page.
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot all of the above.
  • Bill called. Nyarlthotep showed up at his house, asking after Hastur. Bill put him up in the basement.

4.1 (3/25/04)

  • Created a new major link, “Torg Realities”, moved articles from “Torg Classics” there.
  • Major internal reorganization in support of the new link.
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot all of the above.
  • Nyarlthotep stopped by, asking after Hastur. I gave him Bill’s address.

4.0 (3/24/04)

  • Created a new major link, called “Torg Magic”, in order to alleviate the congestion on the “Torg Classics” page.
  • Major internal reorganization in support of the new link. Moved all magic files from the “Torg Classics” page there.
  • Rearranged the entries on the “Torg Classics” page, with the newest listed first.
  • Uploaded my critique of Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire (HTML and PDF).
  • Uploaded my Torg Spell Excel spreadsheet.
  • Corrected the geometric equations in the “Consilium Magica” (HTML and PDF).
  • Updated the estimates (and details) on “Coming Soon”.
  • Modified the look of the “Torg Classics” page.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot all of the above.
  • Bill dropped by because Hastur had eaten his doorman. I gave Bill the number of the Major World Religion®.

3.7.3 (3/20/04)

  • Revised the “Wish Magic” article.
  • Added a new article to “Torg Classics,” “Space Gods Adventures”.
  • Modified navbar, bumping the “Advanced Magic” tile up one.
  • Fixed broken link in “Spirit” section. (Thanks to Dominick Riesland for the catch.)
  • Replaced “Gordon” with “Gorden” in all pages and PDF’s. (Thanks to Dominick Riesland for the catch.)
  • Fixed the confusing formulas in the “Consilium Magica,” (HTML and PDF) including finding a real pi character (Π).
  • Updated copyright in all files.
  • The usual array of minor proofreading and housekeeping changes.
  • Troubleshot all of the above.
  • Bill called, said Hastur had been eating his neighbors and would I please do something about it? I hung up.

3.7.2 (3/12/04)

  • Added an article about Traditions, along with PDF of same.
  • Added my extended Spirit axiom, along with its PDF.
  • Fixed a couple of small errors in the “Pixaud’s” PDF.
  • Corrected a misattribution in the extended Social article (Thanks to Isaac Alexander for the catch).
  • Updated the “coming soon” list.
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Vetted all internal links.
  • Modified navbar.
  • Updated my “About the Author” blurb.
  • Added a copyright notice to the “Home” page.
  • Troubleshot all of the above.
  • Hastur called me, drunk. Asked for a small loan. I gave him Bill’s address.

3.7.1 (3/11/04)

  • Rewrote the “Introduction” page, including updating the “coming soon” projects.
  • Thorough revision and expansion of the “Action Cant” article and PDF.
  • Added a new article, my extended Social axiom, along with PDF of same. Added the extended Social axiom article to “Site Map” and “Downloads” pages.
  • Fixed incorrect dating on last revision.
  • Revamped navbar again.
  • Converted “Downloads” page to use unordered lists.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • Found Hastur eating the neighbors. Kicked him straight out. Never trust a multi-dimensional entity of Pure Evil.

3.7 (3/10/04) (Other than the redesign, this is a maintenance update.)

  • Flipped the frameset again, left for right. Removed the top row.
  • Created a new version of the Storm Knights logo, with a white background.
  • Changed the navbar.
  • Revised the “Home” page, including adding information on WEG’s new introductory PDF’s.
  • Revised the “Revision History” page.
  • Small changes to the “Downloads” page.
  • Revised the “What is Torg?” page with information on the publication of the “lost” rulebook.
  • Updated “Copyright” page (at WEG’s request) to reflect Purgatory Publishing’s status as owner of WEG and the Torg copyrights.
  • Updated all PDF’s with the new copyright information.
  • Added “Storm Knights” logo to the “Storm Knights” page.
  • Troubleshot all of the above.
  • Hastur’s “overnight” stay has yet to end, weeks later. Looks like I’ve got a new roommate. He’s gotta be better than Bill was. I hope.

3.6.1 (12/27/03)

  • Proofreading corrections to the “Summoning” article and PDF.
  • Minor corrections to the “Core Earth World Laws, Version 2” article and PDF.
  • Changed the versioning.
  • Revised the “Revision History” page.
  • Altered spacing on a number of articles.
  • Corrected minor proofreading errors.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • Hastur dropped by, asking after Nyarlthotep. Asked to stay overnight. He slept on the couch and left a half-eaten corpse in the basement. Never trust a multi-dimensional entity of Pure Evil.

3.6 (12/27/03)

  • Uploaded my “Summoning” article to the “Advanced Magic” page. Created and uploaded a “Summoning” PDF.
  • Uploaded the “Cosmverse” article to the “Storm Knights” page. Created and uploaded a “Cosmverse” PDF.
  • Updated the “Download” page to include the above additions.
  • Updated the “Site Map” page to include the above additions.
  • Revised the “Site Map” page to use unordered lists.
  • Updated Cedric Chausson’s link.
  • Updated the “What is Torg?” page with information about Purgatory Publishing and Torg 2.0.
  • Revised the “Torg Classics” page.
  • Revised the “Revision History” page.
  • Updated the “Welcome” page.
  • Added a floating background to the navbar.
  • Corrected minor proofreading errors.
  • Made a few minor stylistic changes.
  • Minor internal reorganization and renaming of certain files, for clarity.
  • Vetted all internal links.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • Bill called me, crying. Asked if I could call off the L33t W00t Kr3w3. Told him I’d think about it.

3.5.1 (9/16/03)

  • Revised “Wish Magic” article, including clarifying and reorganizing the rules. Updated PDF version with the same changes.
  • Minor content change to “Copyright” page, moderate HTML formatting change to the self-same page.
  • Revised the “Revision History” page.
  • Updated the “Welcome” page.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • The L33t W00t Kr3w3 claimed responsibility for the recent proliferation of certain electronic nematodes (which were, purely by coincidence, aimed solely at Windows™ machines). I have my revenge.

3.5 (9/14/03)

  • Updated “Welcome to the Near Now”. Added a “What’s New” section to “Welcome to the Near Now”. Moved the “Coming Soon” section to “Welcome to the Near Now”.
  • Added a new section, “Advanced Magic”. Created major link to the section.
  • Uploaded a new article to “Advanced Magic”, “Wish Magic”. Created and uploaded “Wish Magic” PDF.
  • Updated “Downloads” and “Site Map” with the new section and article.
  • Revised the “Revision History” page.
  • Implemented major internal reorganization. This has no effect on how the site looks or functions, but it makes site maintenance much easier.
  • Vetted all internal links.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • I told the L33t W00t Kr3w3 about Bill and the hacker. I shall have my revenge.

3.1 (9/12/03)

  • Updated many articles, including:
    • “Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, vol. 2”
    • The Consilium Magica
    • “Core Earth World Laws, version 1”
    • “Core Earth World Laws, version 2”
    • “Storm Lords”
    • “Tir Nan Og”
    • “Eye of the Storm”
    • “Tharkold World Laws”
  • Increased the style consistency between a given download and its HTML equivalent.
  • Updated the download PDF files with the above changes, new copyright information, a new email address, and new credits.
  • Increased style consistency between different download files.
  • Updated site copyright information.
  • Converted psuedo-lists in the “Core Earth World Laws, Version 1” article to ordered lists.
  • Updated “description” meta tag.
  • Troubleshot the above.
  • Fixed an odd, incomprehensible error in the “Revision History” page which prevented it from loading fully.
  • Converted all PDF source files to Microsoft™ Word.
  • I had a moment of silence to atone for my use of Bill’s products. I swear, I heard Bill laughing. Never trust a multi-dimensional entity of Pure Evil.

3.0.1 (9/6/03)

  • Added alt= tags to most images (save the PDF icon).
  • Changed title “Storm Lords” graphic to be a link (it loads the home page).
  • Troubleshot same.
  • Revised “Revision History” page.
  • Bill refused my calls.

3.0 (8/26/03)

  • Tested site on new host.
  • Retested external links, removed those which no longer work.
  • Cleaned up an odd HTML error (possibly introduced by Adobe Pagemill).
  • Cleaned up another odd HTML error, this one definitely introduced by Adobe Pagemill.
  • Really fixed the minor target=“_blank” internal HTML error. The site should function properly.
  • Added a table of contents and navigation anchors to the Consilium Magica.
  • Revised and updated “Action Cant” article.
  • Revised and clarified “Tir Nan Og” article.
  • Vetted all pages for readability and consistency.
  • Checked paragraph spacing on all pages.
  • Added Cedric Chausson’s name to his link.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Added a “On the Horizon” line to the “Revision History” page.
  • I fended off attack by a group of hackers (the L33t W00t Kr3w3.) Called Bill for help- he owes me.

3.0 Beta (8/24/03) (Been a while!)

  • New version of the site. Flipped the frame-set, right-for-left.
  • Fixed a minor target=“_blank” internal HTML error. This error was introduced in Version 0.1 and remained undetected until now. The external links should function properly.
  • Added “Tokyo Citybook” credit for Genichi Nishio.
  • Updated email addresses to “”
  • Rewrote a lot of the content.
  • Removed blurb about my career, as I am currently on hiatus.
  • Clarified a few links.
  • Uploaded site to new server. Site had been unavailable for a long time. Props to Peter Darley for his support and hosting services.
  • Revised “Revision History” page.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • The hacker was found dead. I suspect Microsoft™.

2.5 (7/6/02)

  • Uploaded the “Eye of the Storm” group power article and PDF for same. Revised “Site Map” and “Downloads” to include the new article.
  • Edited “Pixaud’s” for style consistency. Uploaded new “Pixaud’s” PDF with changes.
  • Revised the “Storm Knights” page.
  • Revised “Revision History” page.
  • Revised the “What is Torg?” page.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • I hired a hacker to appropriate funds from Microsoft™.

2.4 (6/2/02) (First same-day revision since 04/19/01!)

  • Created a “Site Map” page, added link to navbar.
  • Revised “Revision History” page.
  • Revised the “Torg” page, including renaming the “Nippon Tech” and “Tharkold” articles.
  • Sprinkled the pdf graphic throughout the site.
  • Revised the “Downloads” page.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • The Arashikage ninja assassins were wiped out by Microsoft™ security.

2.3 (6/2/02)

  • Updated “Welcome to the Now” (including a minor name change).
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Revised the “Nippon Tech” article.
  • Minor revisions to the “Action Cant” article.
  • Updated PDF’s of those articles to correspond with revisions.
  • Revised “Downloads” page.
  • Revised the “Torg” page.
  • Revised the “Storm Knights” page.
  • Revised the “What is Torg?” page.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • I contacted the Arashikage ninja clan to send assassins after Bill. I shall have my revenge.

2.2 (3/28/02)

  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Added a link to the Roadkill Torg mailing list archives.
  • Edited “Storm Knights” page.
  • Bill moved out (finally) after stiffing me with the electric bill. Never trust a multi-dimensional entity of Pure Evil.

2.1 (3/26/02)

  • Updated “Welcome to the Now”.
  • Dumped Pixaud’s frame entirely, replacing with named anchors.
  • Many small changes to various pages.
  • The Major World Religion® called, asking where its Polite Gentlemen in Black got to. I played innocent, then hung up.

2.0 (3/21/02)

  • Edited several pages’ HTML code for internal consistency.
  • Edited “no-frames” content.
  • Updated meta-tags.
  • Changed “Welcome to the Now”.
  • Rearranged the “Credits” page.
  • Edited the following pages for style consistency with the rest of the site:
    • “What is Torg?”
    • “Revision History”
    • “Links”
    • “Credits”
    • “Copyright”
  • Revised a few entries on the “Revision History” page.
  • Added a return link to “What is Torg?”.
  • Added a “Storm Knights” page. Included real content from my massive Storm Knights project for the first time.
  • Uploaded the “Action Cant” rules for Storm Knights.
  • By popular demand, uploaded a Nippon Tech look-and-feel article.
  • Despite lack of popular demand, uploaded variant Tharkold World Laws.
  • Troubleshot all the above.
  • Nothing new from any of the Polite Gentlemen in Black or the Secret Government Agency® agents.

1.9.1 (3/19/02)

  • Minor changes to “Welcome to the Now”.
  • Revised “Revision History” page.
  • Added various links to make the site easier to navigate.
  • Minor editing on many pages.
  • Minor editing on the download PDF’s.
  • Updated another link to Ks. Jim’s website.
  • I started cleaning my house. Polite Gentlemen in Black and Secret Government Agency® agents make a terrible mess.

1.9 (3/14/02) (Finally!)

  • Converted all downloads to uncompressed PDF files. Updated all PDF files.
  • Added the long-delayed Consilium Magica to the “Torg” page.
  • Revised “Download” and “Revision History” pages.
  • Updated the link to Ks. Jim’s website.
  • I informed the polite gentlemen in black and the Secret Government Agency® agents that “X-Files” was cancelled. They left crying.

1.8.1 (5/11/01)

  • More proofreading for “Pixaud’s”.
  • Another update to the “Mixed Forces” page.
  • The agents from the Secret Government Agency® have had a brawl with the Polite Gentlemen in Black.

1.8 (5/7/01)

  • Minor correction to “Core Earth World Laws, version 2” file.
  • Proofreading changes for “Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, Volume IIarticle.
  • Uploaded PDF and MS Word versions of all downloads.
  • Renamed download files to specify which version was stuffed.
  • Revised “Download” and “Torg” pages in connection with same.
  • Revised “Mixed Forces” Pixaud’s page to account for proofreading changes.
  • I served a round of drinks to the Polite Gentlemen in Black and the Secret Government Agency® agents. They aren’t any friendlier when drunk.

1.7.1 (5/5/01)

  • Minor update to “Torg” page.
  • Minor update to “What is Torg?”
  • The Consilium Magica has been officially delayed.
  • The Secret Government Agency® has sent out a few agents to observe. No response yet from the Major World Religion®.

1.7 (4/29/01)

  • Changed URL’s to
  • Renamed internal files for clarity.
  • Removed excess graphics.
  • Changed navbar pic for “Torg” page.
  • Updated email addresses to “”.
  • Minor updates to the “Introduction” page.
  • I contacted a Secret Government Agency® for help with the Polite Gentlemen in Black.

1.6 (4/23/01)

  • Moved “About the Author” to the “Introduction” page.
  • Revised “Introduction” page.
  • Cleaned up “Credits” page.
  • Minor rewrite of the “Torg” page.
  • I gave another small donation to the Major World Religion® after the Polite Gentlemen in Black broke a few links, then recommended that I buy “insurance”.

1.5 (4/19/01) (Major site reorganization.)

  • Collapsed “Introduction” and “Welcome to the Now” into the same page.
  • Collapsed “Credits,” “About the Author,” and “Thanks” into one page.
  • Renamed “Torg Classics” to “Torg”.
  • Removed major link to “Downloads,” it is now accessible from the “Torg” page.
  • Renamed “Torg History” to “What is Torg?”
  • Removed major link to “What is Torg?” It is now accessible from the “Welcome to the Now” page.
  • Added major link for the “Links” page (thus making it available for the first time).
  • Deleted contact info, added email address to “Welcome to the Now”.
  • Proofread for style consistency.
  • Uploaded new versions of the downloads with minor style changes only.
  • I gave a small donation to the Major World Religion® after some polite gentlemen in black suggested it would be “good for my health, ya’ know?”

1.1.1 (4/19/01)

  • Fixed three broken links.
  • Created the “Links” page.
  • Updated “Revision History” with new projects.
  • I received a death threat from the Major World Religion®.

1.1 (4/18/01)

  • Added Salt Lake City Weekly article and graphic.
  • Deleted extraneous text from the “Revision History” page.
  • Reformatted and proofread “What’s New” page.
  • I got threatening e-mail from the Major World Religion®.

1.0.1 (4/17/01) (First public revision.)

  • Updated “Core Earth World Laws, version 2” article.
  • Proofreading on “Core Earth World Laws, version 2” article.
  • Updated “Torg Classics” page.
  • Uploaded a new Storm Knights logo.
  • I got a complaint from a Major World Religion® that mentioning Nyarlthotep encouraged demonology. Anybody know a reliable Dark Power that I can sic on the Major World Religion®? Just asking.

1.0 (4/15/01) (Full public unveiling!)

  • Added “What’s New” and “Downloads” pages.
  • Renamed “Files” to “Downloads”.
  • Improved style unity throughout site.
  • Troubleshot “Core Earth World Law” and “Tir Nan Og” pages.
  • Added instructions on how to download.
  • Rewrote the “Introduction”.
  • Sent out emails to announce unveiling.
  • I signed a deal with a Major World Religion® to keep Nyarlthotep away. I got a money-back guarantee.

0.9 (4/15/01)

  • Added Core Earth world laws, Variants 1 and 2.
  • Added Tir Nan Og. Text files of same created for inclusion with the “Files” page.
  • Added the note explaining the dates for this page.
  • Minor corrections to Pixaud’s.
  • Minor proofreading corrections to a number of pages.
  • Updated meta-tags.
  • Updated the “Thanks” page.
  • I still need a better lawyer.

0.8 (4/14/01) (This version incorporates all changes listed with version 0.7, as I was unable to access iDisk to upload those changes.)

  • Found an alternate access method for iDisk.
  • Added content and keyword meta-tags to the index.
  • Added “no-frames” content.
  • Cleaned up some minor HTML tags.
  • Renamed a few files for clarity.
  • Updated the following pages:
    • “Classic Torg
    • “Thanks”
    • “Credits”
  • Added Del Webb to the “Copyright” page.
  • More minor proofreading corrections.
  • Changed outline of “Revision History” page, added “On the Horizon,” “Maybe Never,” and “Never”.
  • Eviscerated Storm Lords, dumping excess content and the nav frame (this frame wasn’t wasted, as it formed the core of the Pixaud’s nav frame.)
  • Troubleshot Pixaud’s nav frame.
  • Prepared text-file versions of Storm Lords and Pixaud’s (for inclusion in the planned “Files” section.)
  • A settlement has been reached with Nyarlthotep. It gets the kids and the silverware, I get to keep Bill Gates. I need a better lawyer.

0.7 (4/14/01)

  • Added Pixaud’s Practical Grimoire, Volume II.
  • Updated Storm Lords content.
  • Added a title graphic for Storm Lords.
  • Modified “Copyright” page.
  • Modified graphics files to reduce size.
  • Changed main Storm Knights logo.
  • Added more detail to “Coming Soon” and “Coming Later”.
  • Switched text editors (to Writer.)
  • Finished this revision, but couldn’t upload due to network problems. Nyarlthotep has his revenge.

0.6 (4/5/01)

  • Changed Storm Lords navigation, it should now spawn a new frame in the main window, then return to the old frame.
  • Corrected small miscellaneous proofing errors throughout site (including the word miscellaneous in this sentence.)
  • Added in blurb about the Salt Lake City Weekly.
  • Nyarlthotep’s black influence is gone… for now.

0.5 (3/29/01)

  • Added “Version History” section.
  • Added new button for the front page. Troubleshot same.
  • I broke off the vow to Nyarlthotep after I found it using Windows™ XP. (What else would a Dark Power use?) Never trust a multi-dimensional entity of Pure Evil. Exorcised site with a phial of holy pixels.

0.4 (3/29/01)

  • Updated minor proofreading corrections to most of the site.
  • Spell corrected all content, cleaned up html.
  • Modified the Storm Lords nav frame (for Windows machines.)
  • Altered the main Storm Knights logo.
  • Collapsed old front page into the rest of the site.
  • Updated the following pages:
    • “Copyright”
    • “Credits”
    • “Thanks”
  • I swore a vow to Nyarlthotep, a Dark Power, so it would consume Bill Gates.

0.3 (3/28/01)

  • Edited Storm Lords pages, added nav frame. Troubleshot same.
  • Incorporated minor changes based on feedback.
  • Bill tried to hack my pages, so they’d only work on Windows machines. Word of advice—never agree to live with a megalomaniacal monopolist corporate CEO. Trust me.

0.2 (3/27/01)

  • First public preview.
  • Pages uploaded to Apple’s iTools for the first time (on my iDisk.)
  • First viewing on a non-Mac platforms.
  • Decreased font sizes throughout.
  • Bill was on about .Net so I smacked him, hard.

0.1 (3/25/01)

  • Developed frames version.
  • Trashed “white-text-on-dark-backround” version.
  • First iteration of the Storm Knights: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars logo.
  • First official version.
  • My new roommate just moved in. “Call me Gates, Bill Gates.”